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CEH PRODUCTIONS is a transatlantic creative collaboration between Judy Cullen (aka Caledonia Skytower), Richard Elen (aka Elrik Merlin) and Honey Heart. Working as creative partners, they develop and pursue film projects employing virtual worlds and real-time animation performance.

Judith Cullen, AKA Caledonia Skytower

Writer, Female Lead, Co-Director, Videographer

Judith Cullen is an artist and storyteller with over 30 years of experience as a theatrical designer, production manager, and non-profit administrator. Since 2008 she has worked as a volunteer presenting literature live in virtual worlds, logging in over 1000 hours to benefit a variety of charities, and developing engaging experiences to promote reading and literature, as part of Seanchai Library. She continues her first love, designing for the stage, works as a project specialist, a small non-profit consultant, and has self-published ten titles of fiction, poetry and reflective essays.

Richard Elen, AKA Elrik Merlin

Male Lead, Co-Director, Videographer, Editor & Sound Designer

Richard Elen, under his virtual persona Elrik Merlin, has been involved with virtual-world media for over a decade, as a DJ, as a presenter and Technical Director on an internet radio station, and as co-host and video lead on Designing Worlds, a popular weekly Web TV show on design and designers in virtual worlds. In January 2021 he founded Virtual Community Radio, an internet radio station aimed at listeners in virtual worlds and the wider internet. In the physical world, Richard specializes in broadcast audio production, vintage master tape transcription, live sound and audio recording as well as varied creative services for marketing communications.

Honey Heart

Technical Director, Animation Co-ordinator, Set Design and management

Honey Heart has served as CEO of an innovative technology company that spearheaded research and development in the use of virtual world technology for rapid prototyping by soft consumer goods designers. Her resulting patent focused on the use of avatars in virtual worlds for real-time, 3D design of products to enable the reduction of the carbon footprint of the design process whilst cutting time-to-market of finished products.  She is currently the owner of two award-winning virtual-world companies, Ladies’ Pleasure and Elite Equestrian, where she heads a team of highly talented designers and scripters specializing in developing innovative horse avatars and other digital assets for virtual worlds.

What People Are Saying About ‘ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES’

"Here is a story with so much to say about friendship, love and loss, and which turns its eye toward a hopeful horizon. Their message is a comfort to all who have held a loved one's hand and said goodbye. For that, Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society are profoundly grateful." - Jeff Montegut American Cancer Society

“Please do not miss this opportunity to be moved and enchanted by the magic that is this production – and the wonder it holds. Its message of hope and the importance of story in our lives is precious and powerful.”

“A wonderfully moving story… a stunning film… the story is richly told in every meticulous frame. ...this tale of two journeys intersecting at a critical moment will touch your heart. You must see it.”

“A well told story, set against a beautiful background. I was fully immersed in that world for a time and it left me with a lump in my throat.”

“This story was beautiful, so very moving, and something I’ll keep in my heart and mind for a very long time.”

“Eloquent and poignant with an elegantly told story, ‘Arrivals and Departures’ is an outstanding film, and not one to be missed.”