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CEH PRODUCTIONS is a transatlantic creative collaboration between Judy Cullen (aka Caledonia Skytower), Richard Elen (aka Elrik Merlin) and Honey Heart. Working as creative partners, they develop audio and video productions often employing virtual worlds and real-time animation performance.

Judith Cullen, AKA Caledonia Skytower

Writer, female lead, co-director, videographer

Richard Elen, AKA Elrik Merlin

Male lead, co-director, videographer, editor & sound designer

Honey Heart

Technical Director, animation co-ordinator, set design and management

What People Are Saying About ‘ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES’…

"Here is a story with so much to say about friendship, love and loss, and which turns its eye toward a hopeful horizon. Their message is a comfort to all who have held a loved one's hand and said goodbye. For that, Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society are profoundly grateful." - Jeff Montegut American Cancer Society

“Please do not miss this opportunity to be moved and enchanted by the magic that is this production – and the wonder it holds. Its message of hope and the importance of story in our lives is precious and powerful.”

“A wonderfully moving story… a stunning film… the story is richly told in every meticulous frame. ...this tale of two journeys intersecting at a critical moment will touch your heart. You must see it.”

“A well told story, set against a beautiful background. I was fully immersed in that world for a time and it left me with a lump in my throat.”

“This story was beautiful, so very moving, and something I’ll keep in my heart and mind for a very long time.”

“Eloquent and poignant with an elegantly told story, ‘Arrivals and Departures’ is an outstanding film, and not one to be missed.”

“The world that contains it is complete and compelling, rich layers of sound, picture and story make it a wonderful film. Yes, I said film although that really doesn't do it justice, it is a work unto itself.”

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